humanCUBE model humanCUBE model humanCUBE model humanCUBE model humanCUBE model

an art projekt by Johann Erbler

the cube: A three-dimensional body, a symbol, a figure, an invitation to speculate and play.
the content: Water from different places from all over the world.

the idea: humanCUBE expresses aesthetic and multiculturel agreement. Emotion and its nonverbal expression are in the centre of interest. Many semi-transparent, creatively designed cubes - made of acrylic glass - filled with water, build human figures. These figures are reduced to their relationship to each other.
The size of the humanCube sculptures vary from 0,5 to 2,5 m. They are cultural ambassadors of humanity. The sculptures unite homogeneousness with heterogeneity and try to remove prejudices.
Water from all over the world is collected. Within the cubes it is part of the project and passes on its biological and cultural message.

humanCUBE contributes to the agreement between nations, represents and connects culture with nature.

Just like the former project KuhNSTweide 2005, humanCube also will be accompanied by etchings, paintings and miniature sculptures.

If you are interested in the project, please send an email.