humanCUBE model humanCUBE model humanCUBE model humanCUBE model humanCUBE model

an art projekt by Johann Erbler

humanCUBE contributes to the agreement between nations. It stands for aesthetics and multicultural understanding and represents and connects culture with nature.

The building blocks: three-dimensional bodies form a figure that stimulates speculation and games
The content: water and earth from many different regions of our planet

The idea: Emotions and their non-verbal expression are the focus. A multitude of partially transparent acrylic glass bodies, filled with homeopathic amounts of water and earth, are the building blocks of "human" figures, which are reduced in their depiction of their relationship to each other. Water and earth come from different regions of our earth and pass on their biological and cultural message in the building blocks.
The figures of humanCUBE are cultural ambassadors of humanity. They combine equality with diversity and try to reduce prejudices.

The project is intended as a transnational traveling exhibition. Drawings, etchings and aquatint works will be presented as an accompaniment.

If you are interested in the project, please send an email.